A Thought About Visibility

Stone damage

Your windscreen is your window to the outside world when you are driving. It will allow you to spot the majority of hazards and potential hazards on the road, which in turn will give you sufficient time to react and adjust your driving input in order to avoid a potential accident, which can cause serious harm to yourself or other people.

In order to minimise your risk of damage to property or injury to yourself or others, it’s important to ensure that you give yourself the best possible chances of avoiding an accident by keeping your windscreen as clear as possible. If your windscreen is badly damaged, then windscreen replacement in Southampton is probably the easiest way to solve the problem.

This means removing any obstructions from the windscreen. Obstructions can include stickers, toys, air fresheners and many other accessories that you can buy for your car. Another common form of obstruction is a small chip or crack on your windscreen. Although only really considered a minor irritation to the average driver, even the smallest chip can actually be quite a large obstruction depending on where it is on the windscreen. If your windscreen is badly chipped or cracked, then you should consider using windscreen replacement in Southampton and getting it replaced without delay.

If you imagine how small a car looks when it is 300 yards away, you can probably also imagine how small it appears on your car windscreen. If this exact area is covered by a chip it effectively becomes a blind spot. In other words, a spot on your windscreen that you cannot see through. In most cases this may not be much of an issue as the car that you cannot see will fill more of your windscreen as you approach it. However if you are travelling quickly and the other car is stationary you may not have sufficient time to react after seeing it. Having a clear and chip-free windscreen will give you those vital extra few seconds that could mean the difference between a near miss or a bad accident, which is why windscreen replacement in Southampton is important for the safety of you – the driver – as well as other people including the general public.

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