How to Care For Your Windscreen

As well as being your viewpoint for spotting any hazards on the road ahead, your windscreen is also an important structural feature of your car, van or any other vehicle. It is therefore equally as important to care for and maintain your windscreen as much as you would with any other safety aspects of your vehicle including tyres, brakes and lights. As well as keeping your vehicle safe and roadworthy, looking after your windscreen can prevent the need for a costly windscreen replacement.

Fortunately, maintaining your windscreen is a fairly simple process and doesn’t take much work providing that you inspect your windscreen regularly and maintenance is carried out as and when it’s needed.

The single most important thing you can do in order to care for your windscreen is to clean it. If you regularly clean your windscreen then not only will you be able to spot any potential damage and prevent it from becoming worse and costing you more money, but you will also be able to prevent the build up of dirt and other debris which over time can cause degradation and eventually require windscreen replacement. Ensure you have a sufficient windscreen washer fluid level in your car at all times, and carry a spare bottle in your car in case it runs out. Topping up with water is fine to get you home (providing there is no chance of very cold or freezing temperatures) but this should not be a regular occurrence as water alone cannot clean your windscreen effectively.

Leaving a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you will also protect your windscreen. It reduces the chance of loose chippings or stones being thrown at your windscreen by the car in front.

Another way to protect your cars windscreen is to be careful where you park. Park in sheltered, shady areas. The shelter will prevent anything from hitting your windscreen and the shade will ensure that your car is out of the sunlight, which on a hot day can cause cracks to form in your windscreen.

If you notice small chips or cracks in your windscreen, then call Windscreens Online and get them fixed as soon as possible. If the chips are cracks are too large or in the drivers line of sight then a windscreen replacement may be necessary. Even if these are not covered by your insurance the cost is much less than any damage to property of persons if you were to have an accident due to not having maintained your windscreen properly.