Windscreens Online is a local reliable and trustworthy company.  We are committed to providing drivers, fleet managers and leasing companies with peace of mind.  We can help reduce your business’s costs by offering FREE regular fleet checks to proactively identify any stone chip damage and repair it before it’s too late.

Transportation fleet in white

Whether you have a large fleet of vehicles or only a few, here at Windscreens Online we can offer regular windscreen chip inspections of your fleet and would actively try to repair the windscreen first rather than replace it.   Inspections can be done on a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly visit.

Our primary aim at Windscreens Online is to keep your fleet of vehicles on the road, a windscreen repair can take as little as 20 mins to repair, a replacement can take up to 2 hours which includes fitting and setting time.   Our fleet customers prefer to leave their fleet of vehicles in our safe hands because we can offer a clear, precise and pre-agreed pricing structure for you.

We work with several large fleet accounts, they find our free regular windscreen inspections greatly reduce their overall glass replacement costs, as repairing a windscreen can be as little as 15% of the replacement cost.  Whether you are owner operated or run a fleet of hire or leasing vehicles, a windscreen excess on a fleet policy can be as much as £500, but we can normally replace the screen for far less than the excess cost.

Should you need to replace the screen, our technicians are trained to the highest standard, they are able to identify which windscreen is fitted in the vehicle, whether it is heated, tinted, moisture sensor etc.   We can work with you to build a taylor-made pricing structure to cover your entire vehicle fleet.

Whether it is 2 or 200 vehicles, give us a ring today to discuss your fleet requirements.