Windscreen Replacement in Bournemouth

If your car has a damaged windscreen and you live in the South of England then you should use a windscreen replacement service in Bournemouth.

Your windscreen is an important structural feature of your car and it is important that any damage to it is rectified as soon as possible. Not only will this ensure that you have the best possible visibility within your car while driving, but having a well-maintained windscreen that doesn’t have any chips, scratches or cracks will also ensure that your car is structurally sound. This will give you and your passengers the best chances of avoiding serious injury or worse should you be unfortunate enough to have a collision on the roads.

In addition to keeping you safe, having a clear windscreen that is free from damage will also keep your car legal. Your car will not pass an MOT test if there are any deep scratches, chips or cracks within the windscreen inspection zone, which is a 29cm zone that is centered on the middle of your steering wheel, covering the entire area that is swept by your driver’s side wiper blade.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can ignore any scratches, chips or cracks that appear outside of the MOT inspection zone on the windscreen. It is recommended by motoring experts that all visible damage – regardless of how small it appears – should be fixed as soon as possible in order to prevent your windscreen from sustaining more considerable damage in the future and requiring windscreen replacement in Bournemouth. It’s worth remembering that there is always the force of air resistance being applied to the car when it is moving, which is enough to make a small crack or chip turn into a larger crack. This crack can then gradually spread until it reaches the MOT inspection zone. In severe cases, the crack can span the entire width or height of the windscreen, which is very dangerous in terms of how it can affect the strength of the overall structure of your car. If you have a large crack in your windscreen then you are strongly advised to use a company such as Windscreens Online, who are specialists in windscreen replacement in Bournemouth, and will safely replace your windscreen.

Having your windscreen replaced is not as much as an inconvenience as you may think. Windscreens Online offer mobile windscreen replacement in Bournemouth which means that they can come to you. The work typically takes take less than a couple of hours and is free or subject to a small excess if you have fully comprehensive insurance.

Windscreen Replacements in Bournemouth by Windscreens Online