Windscreens and the Law

In order for your car to be safe on the road, the windscreen has to be in a satisfactory condition. This means that the inspection area of the windscreen needs to be completely free of any obstructions from car accessories, excessive scratches, chips or cracks. If any of the later are present directly in your line of vision then you should consider getting your windscreen repaired or replaced.

Windscreen replacement in Southampton is a process that will ensure that your windscreen is legal again and will pass an MOT test. The law states that an area 290mm wide directly in front of the driver, which is based on the centre of the steering wheel, and covers the part of the windscreen that is cleaned by the windscreen wipers, should be completely free from obstructions including small chips. Repaired chips are acceptable as long as they are repaired to a high standard, sit flush with the existing windscreen glass and do not provide any noticeable distortion of view from the driver’s seat. If this is not the case then the likelihood of needing a windscreen replacement for your car is quite high.

Fortunately you can have your windscreen replaced very conveniently nowadays. With just one phone call to inform the windscreen replacement technician of your make and model of car, a technician can call round within a day or two to completely remove your old windscreen and fit a brand new one. This process requires a professional and is therefore not something that can be done by the average home DIY mechanic. The windscreen is an important safety and structural part of your car so it is very important that windscreen work is only carried out by a qualified professional.

A qualified windscreen replacement technician will have all of the necessary tools and equipment to replace your windscreen within an hour or two, and more importantly do it correctly. Most reputable windscreen replacement in Southampton offer a guarantee of their work to provide you with complete peace of mind that it has been carried out correctly and to the highest possible safety standards. The fact that the technician will come to you also means that you do not have to take a day off of work to get your windscreen replaced. This can be done in your work car park, as long as it is a safe distance from moving traffic.