Winter has arrived in Bournemouth

Winter has arrived in Bournemouth The UK is one of only a few countries in the world that has different weather in each of its four seasons. In winter, temperatures can plummet to below freezing causing hail, sleet and often snow which can cause stress on your windscreen until it requires a windscreen replacement service. […]

Summer is here – and so are the bugs!

One of the toughest things about cleaning a windscreen is getting rid of bug splats! It’s easy…. All that you have to do is use one of the following methods and soon you are going to have a sparkling clean, bug free windscreen again. Household cleaners One of the easiest and cheapest ways to go […]

Windscreen Chips and Cracks

Windscreen Chips and Cracks A chipped or cracked windscreen nowadays is very little in the way of an inconvenience compared to what it used to be 10 years ago. Despite the fact that windscreen technology has come a very long way in the past decade, the way in which windscreens are repaired and replaced has […]

Windscreens and the Law

Windscreens and the Law In order for your car to be safe on the road, the windscreen has to be in a satisfactory condition. This means that the inspection area of the windscreen needs to be completely free of any obstructions from car accessories, excessive scratches, chips or cracks. If any of the later are […]

Windscreen Replacement and Insurance Policies

Windscreen Replacement and Insurance Policies With the number of loose stones and debris on the UK’s roads increasing due to more and more traffic using the roads and wearing them out on a daily basis, vehicles are forever being hit with small stones as they drive along and it has now become part of everyday […]

Windscreen Replacement in Southampton

Windscreen Replacement in Southampton The UK is one of only a few countries in the world that has different weather in each of its four seasons. In the Summer, the weather can be quite hot with more Southern cities such as Southampton sometimes recording record-breaking temperatures in August. Then just a couple of months later […]

Windscreens and Weather

Windscreens and Weather Your car windscreen is subjected to whatever the weather in the South of the UK decides to throw at it. Unless you are lucky enough to have a climate-controlled garage then your car will spend 24 hours a day, 365 days a year outside facing the elements. That means every gust of […]

How to Care For Your Windscreen

How to Care For Your Windscreen As well as being your viewpoint for spotting any hazards on the road ahead, your windscreen is also an important structural feature of your car, van or any other vehicle. It is therefore equally as important to care for and maintain your windscreen as much as you would with […]

A Thought About Visibility

A Thought About Visibility Your windscreen is your window to the outside world when you are driving. It will allow you to spot the majority of hazards and potential hazards on the road, which in turn will give you sufficient time to react and adjust your driving input in order to avoid a potential accident, […]