Windscreens and Weather

Your car windscreen is subjected to whatever the weather in the South of the UK decides to throw at it. Unless you are lucky enough to have a climate-controlled garage then your car will spend 24 hours a day, 365 days a year outside facing the elements. That means every gust of wind, every drop of rain and every day of freezing temperatures.

During the Winter, rain and surface water from the road can get trapped inside the smallest chips or pockets on your windscreen. As the temperature falls, this water freezes and expands to become ice. This is usually enough to make any chip or crack larger. Combine that with the fact that the same thing is happening to the surfaces of the roads and it only takes one unseen pothole to make a tiny chip the size of a 5p piece turn into a crack that is 50cm wide, requiring you to need a windscreen replacement in Bournemouth.

Bournemouth WeatherIt’s not only cold weather that can damage your windscreen. Every year, the Summer temperatures in the UK are getting slightly higher – particularly in the South in places such as Bournemouth. In the peak of Summer, a windscreen on a car that is parked in an open area can get very hot indeed and simply crack because of the heat. In the UK we still seem to have potholes in the Summer, so running over one of these when your windscreen has been slightly weakened by the heat can damage your windscreen. The best way to prevent this from happening is to park in a shady area where possible, or put a layer of cardboard over your windscreen to deflect some of the heat.

In places like Bournemouth windscreen replacement may be necessary if your windscreen cracks due to extremes in temperatures. However, sometimes severe windscreen damage can be avoided. Regular maintenance such as replacing old wiper blades and ensuring that your windscreen washer fluid tank is always topped up will also ensure that the outside of your windscreen is free from dirt and debris from the roads, and therefore prolong it’s life significantly. Should you be unfortunate enough to require windscreen replacement in Bournemouth, then Windscreens Online will be happy to help.

Don’t let a chip turn into a crack.